In a moment of weakness…

…I almost bought a sleep-training ‘manual’ last night — the Millpond Sleep Clinic’s book — after I had been in to Chops five times between 7.30 and 11.30. (This seemed more onerous than usual because normally my lovely husband would do half the resettling, but last night was his weekly pub outing so I was left alone to deal with it. And I had just settled down to watch Life On Mars, too.)

In the light of day, of course, I realise that all I’ll read in this book is the same old same old. I KNOW about every sleep-training method, there isn’t a magic one I’m going to find in the pages of a book. Basically it seems to boil down to: cry it out (not for me), gradual withdrawal (I am tempted by this one, but since Chops will scratch and scratch at his eczema if left to his own devices, I’m not sure how it’ll work) or co-sleep and hope it gets better with time (this is my current strategy). Oh, and after a bad night, get some comfort and support from my SIFTW sisters!


One Response to In a moment of weakness…

  1. amberjee says:

    If there was a magic method, I’m sure one of us would have discovered it by now!

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