Expectations of sleep

August 31, 2007

I help out at a breastfeeding clinic. Most weeks I have at least one mum asking how she can get her baby to sleep more than 3 or 4 hours at a time. Most often said baby is 3 or 4 weeks old. I never know what to say. I can’t very well say, oh don’t worry, my baby still doesn’t sleep more than 3 or 4 hours at a time because then I feel like I’m committing them to 8 months of hell and I’m probably meant to be giving these new mums confidence, not hanging a black cloud over their heads. I don’t want to say that 3 straight hours is bliss and count yourself lucky, because I know they are feeling awful anyway and overwhelmed by the whole responsibility and interrupted sleep thing.

So what do I say? I mostly say I know it’s hell, but it’s normal and it will pass. Do what you can to survive it.


It’s the same advice I give myself on a daily basis.


Accidental co-sleeping

August 31, 2007

Somehow we’ve ended up co-sleeping with Loudboy every night.  I’m not sure how this has happened, but separation anxiety, teething and holidays have all played a part.  It’s getting more and more difficult to get Loudboy into his cot at the beginning of the night and virtually impossible to get him to stay there.  I’m in two minds about this: he’s still feeding a lot at night, so co-sleeping is great for maximising my sleep.  But it’s easier for us to sleep without a baby taking up the entire middle portion of the bed (he likes to spread out) and we are thinking about getting him in his own room some time next year.  So I’m going to perservere with the cot and see what happens.  Who knows, he might grow to love it.

 The night wakings for feeds are a lesser problem at the moment and I’m resigned to them, so no expectations of progress there.  One thing at a time…

On so called experts …

August 28, 2007

I had a little chuckle when I read Kiss My Ass Doctors Bill and Ferber.

I wanted to like Dr Sears, I really did. He just pisses me off sometimes with his idealism. I like his philosophy, but I feel like he’s too dogmatic about it.

Sleep Training – A Baby’s View

August 22, 2007

Thanks to Bianca Bean for sending this to us. I don’t know who wrote it, but thankyou, it made my day! 

Sleep Training – A Baby’s View

OK, here’s my situation. My Mommy has had me for almost 7 months. The first few months were great–I cried, she picked me up and fed me, anytime, day or night. Then something happened. Over the last few weeks, she has been trying to STTN (sleep thru the night). At first, I thought it was just a phase, but it is only getting worse. I’ve talked to other babies, and it seems like it’s pretty common after Mommies have had us for around 6 months. Here’s the thing: these Mommies don’t really need to sleep. It’s just a habit. Many of them have had some 30 years to sleep–they just don’t need it anymore. So I am implementing a plan. I call it the Crybaby Shuffle.

It goes like this:

Night 1–cry every 3 hours until you get fed. I know, it’s hard. It’s hard to see your Mommy upset over your crying. Just keep reminding yourself, it’s for her own good.

Night 2–cry every 2 hours until you get fed.

Night 3–every hour.

Most Mommies will start to respond more quickly after about 3 nights.

Some Mommies are more alert, and may resist the change longer. These Mommies may stand in your doorway for hours, shhhh-ing. Don’t give in. I cannot stress this enough: CONSISTENCY IS KEY!! If you let her STTN (sleep through the night), just once, she will expect it every night. I KNOW IT’S HARD! But she really does not need the sleep, she is just resisting the change. If you have an especially alert Mommy, you can stop crying for about 10 minutes, just long enough for her to go back to bed and start to fall asleep. Then cry again. It WILL eventually work. My Mommy once stayed awake for 10 hours straight, so I know she can do it.

Last night, I cried every hour. You just have to decide to stick to it and just go for it. BE CONSISTENT! I cried for any reason I could come up with. My sleep sack tickled my foot. I felt a wrinkle under the sheet. My mobile made a shadow on the wall. I burped, and it tasted like pears. I hadn’t eaten pears since lunch, what’s up with that? The cat said “meow”. I should know. My Mommy reminds me of this about 20 times a day. LOL. Once I cried just because I liked how it sounded when it echoed on the monitor in the other room. Too hot, too cold, just right–doesn’t matter! Keep crying!! It took awhile, but it worked. She fed me at 4am. Tomorrow night, my goal is 3:30am. You need to slowly shorten the interval between feedings in order to reset your Mommies’ internal clocks.

P.S. Don’t let those rubber things fool you, no matter how long you suck on them, no milk will come out. Trust me.

Take 3 zucchinis …

August 17, 2007

One of the hardest things when you have a baby and are super duper tired is to find the time to be a domestic goddess. From time to time I still like to impress my partner with dinner ready when he gets home. It doesn’t always work despite my good intentions, sometimes the Imp has other ideas and that’s okay. And I don’t always have the motivation. But when it does work, I feel like a super woman. So here is my failsafe recipe that can be thrown together very quickly and baked in the oven. It’s even quicker if you’ve got a grater attachment on your magimix. And a dishwasher. If you don’t please leave the dishes for your partner 😉

Oh and where I come from, they call courgettes zucchinis …

Courgette/Zucchini Pie (it’s like a frittata, but easier)

3 courgettes/zucchinis, grated

1 large onion, chopped

1 cup grated cheese

1 cup self raising flour

5 eggs

1/2 cup olive oil


Mix oil, eggs and pepper then stir into mixed courgette/zucchini, onion cheese and flour. Pour into greased baking dish and bake in moderate oven.

That’s seriously it. I can even make it in my sleep deprived state. If you’re so sleep deprived that you can’t, get your partner to make it. Or your mother. Or your next door neighbour.  I can’t remember how long to bake it for, it’s probably 45 mins-an hour. I’ll report back as it’s in the oven right now.

You can also cut a piece and give it to your baby if they are doing the baby led weaning thing, as long as they are ok with eggs. Mine had a bit of a reaction so I’ve taken some of the pre-egg mixture, added some ricotta and put a few spoons in the muffin tin. No idea if it will work but was worth the experiment. Will also report back if successful. I’m on a mission to have the Imp eat similar to our dinners though it takes a bit of creativity on my part.

Nb: If you don’t feel like being a domestic goddess, you totally don’t have to be. Being a mother is a job well done without having to do anything on top!

8 random things about me

August 17, 2007

Ok, halfpintpixie hit Tibsy and I with a tag, so here’s my part for what it’s worth …

 8 random things about me

  1. I ditched the corporate world in favour of teaching yoga, and now it seems that I’ve ditched everything in favour of hanging out with a super cute 7 month old. Now I never want to ditch that.
  2. I gave birth at home in 4 hours. It seems in retrospect that that was the easy part.
  3. One of my secret pleasures is going to the movies by myself. Not that I’ve done that in 7 months.
  4. I spent 3 months in India getting up pre-dawn to throw my body around a yoga mat for a few hours and then recover by drinking excessive amounts of chai. It was weird to just relive some of it myself here.
  5. I like to cook. Sshh, don’t tell anyone. My favourite part is grinding spices in my mortar and pestle or smashing up basil in it with a little olive oil.
  6. I love London but I miss home. I love London because of all the little villages, the fact that I never have to go very far to get what I need and see people I know. I love that the staff of the local french cafe all know my name and invite me to their childrens’ birthday parties. I love the guy in the shop who sneaks me cake and pastries because he doesn’t like his boss. I love the Indian ladies in the health shop who give me free pears from their tree and have wonderful unlabelled homemade curries in the freezer for those times I’ve lost the energy to cook.
  7. I love the smell of second hand bookshops. It is like history is cluttered in the shelves and between the pages.
  8. I will give up anything for my breastfeeding son, but not my daily coffee.

Will that do halfpint? I know you added a bonus points number 9, but I can’t think of any right now. I’ll edit it if I think of something super.

So I will tag:

 if you care to play.

Celebrities create a special breed of baby that sleeps don’t ya know!

August 17, 2007

When a celebrity has a baby there is the usual/obligatory OK! photshoot which I cannot stop myself buying.

I’m fascinated to see if 6 weeks post birth the mother in question has regained her washboard stomach, is back at work and of course if their baby is sleeping through the night…I’m rarely disappointed!

This week’s addition features Jason Priestly with his new daughter Ava(5 weeks). His wife Naomi reveals “she feeds the little one at 12.30, puts her down to sleep and then will feed her again at 4am and then sleeps through until 7am”  IF ONLY IT WERE THAT EASY!

Maybe she’s lucky and has been blessed with a ‘sleeper’ or maybe celebrities really do have a more evolved gene pool that produces perfect babies or just maybe there’s a maternity nurse, nanny and sleep nurse waiting in the wings…….cynical moi?

Jealous more like!