Complementary Therapies

In my quest to get Buddha Bubba to sleep, I have tried various methods, including complementary therapies, a subject close to my heart.

Here’s what I found we could try……… I haven’t used them all, but wanted to include as many as I could in order that you fellow sleep seeking mummies may find something that you can use.

Baby Massage

Baby Massage encourages loving communication between parent and child through positive touch. It can play a really important role in the early months by soothing and comforting, promoting emotional security and encouraging the bonding process. Of course, what we all want to hear is how it can promote relaxation and help to induce sleep, which it can! Buddha Bubs loves her massage, although mamma has been a bit slack lately and not too accomodating :- (


Reflexology involves pressure upon the reflex areas in the hands and feet, which correspond to all parts of the body. It is thought to have originated over 500 years ago, when pressure therapies similar to acupuncture were practised by the chinese as a preventative medicine. The main point I use on the Buddha Bubba if she is particularly fractious is the solar plexus reflex. When this area is worked, it helps to regulate breathing and has a relaxing effect upon the body. She generally responds really well and quite quickly to this.

Cranio Sacral Therapy

Cranio Sacral Therapy is a manual therapy where the special therapeutic touch encourages structural and phsiological rebalancing using the body’s own healing energy. It is very enjoyable and relaxing to receive and is conducted through clothing. The bubba will feel the gentle touch of the Therapist’s hands and no pressure as such.  I have only taken bubs to this once and she fell asleep during the session!!

Serenite Junior, Homeopathic Remedies


Kinesiology is a system of natural health care based on Traditional Chinese Medicine and chiropractic techniques. It can find blockages and release them by moving energy in the body. It is suitable for everyone, including babies, and can help in many areas, including insomnia and sleep problems.

Bowen Technique

Bowen Technique is a subtle energy technique. It is a gentle form of bodywork and practitioners use visual and energetic assessment of body tension to guide their treatent. It works on several levels, and with regard to sleep problems or insomnia, it has a calming and relaxing effect.

Baby Yoga

Baby Yoga was developed by Francoise Freedman, who spent time studying the parenting technique of the Amazonian people. She used her experience and her practice in yoga to create Baby Yoga. In Baby Yoga, as with adult yoga, the body is stimulated by stretching, making it easier to relax, therefore enhancing sleep. It is also a lovely way to enhance communication between parents and  bubbas.


Aromatherapy oils should not be used directly onto the bubbas skin unless they have been correctly diluted in a carrier oil. There are pre-blended oils on the market, specifically for the purpose of baby massage. I have also used lavender and on occasion chamomile in a diffuser and have also placed several drops of lavender onto a handkerchief and placed it near to where Buddha Bubba was sleeping. The first few nights saw a real improvement in her sleep.  NBplease be aware when purchasing any carrier oils, nut oils, i.e sweet almond should be avoided in case of nut allergies.


Reiki means ‘universal life energy’. It is an ancient Japanese form of hands on healing that works to stimulate the bodies own natural healing capacity. It works with the chakras, which are the main energy points of the body. Reiki can help to induce a state of deep relaxation, calm the mind and body and rebalance the body’s energy. I haven’t worked with any babies as a therapist, but have used it on the buddha bubba occasionally. She’s a little bit wriggly at the moment though and will only accept it if she’s dropping off in her cot.


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