Partying at all hours

We had a couple of weeks where the Imp slept. Amazing. Sometimes he slept through, sometimes until 5am for a feed, then back til 8am (ah bliss), or sometimes just a brief waking at 1 or so. I was a new person. I actually believed I could do anything. I was wonderwoman. I hardly even needed coffee (though I still indulged).

And now, we are back at the waking up at 3am and not going back to sleep routine. Any attempt to place the Imp in his cot results in standing and screaming. Any attempt to bring the Imp into bed results in much cute chatting and poking and climbing and hair pulling, but definitely no sleeping. So what do you do? Really, if you have any advice, I’d be grateful because there seems to be no way of getting him to sleep. Not even feeding will cut it. No amount of Dad’s rocking will do.

I’m tempted to come downstairs and put In the Night Garden on, at least for my sanity, if not the Imp’s.


3 Responses to Partying at all hours

  1. finngarianmama says:

    I am SO sorry this is happening!! My son did this ALL the time, and DD occasionally does it too, and it’s SO frustrating! But, isn’t it amazing how GREAT it feels to get a good night’s sleep? I swear, I am going to run for president when I finally get enough sleep… because I’ll have the energy to do anything!

  2. Bianca Bean says:

    Bean did this for the last 7 weeks or so, which I attributed to that 55 week sleep regression Moxie talks about. It was so rough, I feel for you. I just did what I could to pretend to sleep with him crawling all over and head-butting me for the hour or two he was up. I was sooooo discouraged, thinking all was for naught with our adherance to a sleep routine, then lo and behold, I put him to bed at 6:30pm last night (he got tired early) and he slept for 12 hours straight! He woke to nurse at 6:30am then crashed back out again in my arms until 8. The night prior he slept very well with only two brief wakings. I am better rested than I have been since mid-pregnancy. I feel ready to climb a mountain. I think we’ve turned a corner. You will, too. It will get better (then worse, and then better again!)

  3. How frustrating, my daughters like that these days and its get so frustrating never knowing how the night will be. Hope you have better nights again

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