The Ninja is back and this time it’s workable

It’s been a while I’ll grant you and no it’s not because we’ve been getting loads of lovely sleep (actually we have had one technical sleep through but it was only until about 5 o’clock so personally I don’t think it counts, I mean who the hell thinks 5 o’clock is an appropriate time at which to get up?) no, we’ve been away basically because I’ve returned to work and there has just been no time to get all poetic about lack of sleep.

Two things have arisen since returning to work though, well three actually. Firstly, baby Ninja and I are both enjoying our new arrangement despite initial concerns, last minute changes to childcare arrangements and a couple of weeks of learning to be without one another. Secondly, worrying about how I’d cope without a full night sleep and having to work was, like so many things, a waste of my energy because you just do cope.  And thirdly, because I’ve been busy with work I’ve had less time to worry too much about sleep and have consequently, well, just not worried about it.

We’ve also just accepted co-sleeping again and instead of fighting it we’ve bought baby Ninja her own double bed which we can join her in during the night. Her wakings are (teeth and illness aside) less frequent and shorter in duration. This is something age and maturity have given her. So on the whole it’s feeling pretty positive at the moment. Although she is still an unsociably early riser but one thing at a time and all that.

So sleep habits in the Ninja household have become workable after all this time and we’re working on them getting even better with time.


7 Responses to The Ninja is back and this time it’s workable

  1. amberjee says:

    I just love the double bed idea ginger 🙂
    well done in adjusting to work and childcare, you’re doing amazingly.

  2. swizzler says:

    It does make a difference when you’re too busy to worry about sleep, oddly. I like the double bed idea as well, though I’d be tempted to slip DS in with DH and get the bed to myself!

  3. amberjee says:

    brilliant swizz, i’d love a double bed all to myself.

  4. gingerninja says:

    Well I have the best of both worlds I suppose because some nights I get our king size bed all to myself while Baby Ninja sleeps with her daddy and other nights I snuggle up with her while he gets a night off. Brilliant.

  5. finngarianmama says:

    I’m glad things are going better for you, we have two double beds too and most of the time we don’t fight cosleeping. If we didn’t, nobody would get any sleep. My son is now 3 and was one of the worst sleepers I know, and he now sleeps in his own bed, in his own room, and most of the time does very well. Getting everyone as much sleep as possible is our goal for now!

  6. When we gave up on trying to put Rebecca in her own bed and just accepted co-sleeping full time she started sleeping great, i hope it works for you.

    We have done 5am mornings for years but these days miss them,she tends to get up around 7 but does not nap so the day seems sooooooooo long

  7. tibsy says:

    you’re doing a fab job ginger. when buddha bubs moves into her own room, it’ll be straight into a bed for her too, i think.

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