Going Postal (x 3)

Whenever I think I’m having a tough day with the Imp, I should really re-read this Going Postal


5 Responses to Going Postal (x 3)

  1. swizzler says:

    You’re right, it does put things into perspective. Twins would be bad enough but triplets … all toilet training at once …

  2. tibsy says:

    yikes, i thiought my trip to town today was bad. nothing at all compared to that….. what a wimp i am!!!!

  3. finngarianmama says:

    LOL My life is NEVER bad, never ever!!! NEVER!!!!!

  4. Kirsty says:

    Oh my that was one crazy trip to the Post office. Made me remember how good I have it. I respect people with twins and triplets sooo much! On another note, I love SIFTW!!! I can relate soooo much as I am another sleep deprived mommy in the trenches.

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