Goodbye sleep training, I’m 15 months and learning to sleep!!

I’ve talked before about my attempts at sleep ‘training’, particularly using Gradual Retreat; which I still have a soft spot for, but am just too lazy to implement at the moment, hmm….

Anyway, I’m going with the method of least resistance and am laying down beside the buddha bubs until she arrives at the land of nod, then creeping away to leave her to it. And you know what?… seems to be working. I have managed to night wean her recently (you’ll get there swizzler!) and I’m sure that has helped. Knowing that if she wakes, she won’t be greeted with a soft, warm boob, has deterred her a little,  I’m sure, but I also think that she’s just getting older and is maybe learning how to sleep.

This is not to say that we don’t have bad nights, those when she wakes several times, or even just once, but it lasts an hour, arrrrrrggghhhh. I’m just hoping that she remembers that sleep is a good thing, that we like sleep, that we want more of it!!!!


7 Responses to Goodbye sleep training, I’m 15 months and learning to sleep!!

  1. swizzler says:

    Hooray! I’m hoping that 15 months is the magic age for us as well. Those long wakings are awful, though, especially if you’ve had some good nights beforehand.

  2. tibsy says:

    I’m hoping that for you too swizz :- ) hang on in there

  3. C-A says:

    I just came across your blog and love the premise! My baby is 1 year and has never slept through the night. I also just recently night-weaner her, which has made night a bit more manageable (after the first horrible week was over). Good luck with the weaning and keep up the great work with this blog!

  4. tibsy says:

    thanks C A. heres hoping that age and night weaning play a positive role in helping your bubba to sleep too!! :- )

  5. Kim says:

    Just came across your site. My baby is also 15 months and we did train her to sleep using the cry and comfort method and it did work but since my mom’s death and the time change she’s back to her old habit again. She needs mama breast to fall asleep and I sleep with her so she is always on my breast at night. How did you wean your daughter? I work full-time so she gets my breastfed in the morning and at night. And how do you keep your daughter from rolling off the bed if you sneak away. I think my daughter hates her crib and would rather sleep in a bed (more comfortable). Thanks for your advice!

  6. Our pediatrician told me that 15 months would be the key…here it is…I pray that this month will hold the magic! This baby was SO much easier than the first for the first 6 months…and now we’re hanging on tight like we’re on the ride of our lives. He’s a toughie!

  7. Are you so stressed out you can’t even think straight? Is it hard for you to relax and enjoy life with peace of mind?…

    […]Goodbye sleep training, I’m 15 months and learning to sleep!! « Sleep Is For The Weak[…]…

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