Planning and scheming

As suspected, my last optimistic post was a bit previous: Loudboy decided to go back to feeding all (and I mean ALL) night, very unsettled and refusing to eat during the day. It’s partly teeth, but partly that he just wants to feed all the time. So we decided to try cutting down on the night feeds. Loudboy is 13 months now, so we figured he was old enough to guide (gently) in the ways of righteousness (or the ways of sleeping at least a couple of hours at a time). I didn’t want to stop breastfeeding either, having read up on the benefits of breastfeeding after the first year.

Of course I consulted my SIFTW sisters, many of whom have successfully night weaned already, for cunning tips. This is what they came up with:

1. Increase the gap between the bedtime feed and the first feed of the night
2. Get your partner to take over some of the night wakings
3. If you’re co-sleeping, try wearing a top to make it more difficult for the baby to get a feed
4. Expect a bit of crying (sometimes a LOT)
5. Go slow and expect things to go backwards with teeth/growth spurts/immunisations

So Day 2 into The Plan and it seems to be working so far. I’ve gone for option 1 to start with, so not feeding DS for at least 4 hours after he’s gone to bed. If (when) he wakes up, my husband goes in to settle him. Instead of a feed, he gets a cuddle and the Gruffalo (again). So far, the longest it’s taken is about 10 minutes, which is less time than it usually takes me. He’s still waking later on in the night, and I’m still feeding him, but SLOW is the name of the game here. Last night he slept from 11pm to 2pm without a peep. Progress!


5 Responses to Planning and scheming

  1. amberjee says:

    eh, you conveniently forgot my tip about the earplugs 😉
    My Imp doesn’t have the patience for the Gruffalo. And anyway, there’s no such thing as the Gruffalo.

  2. finngarianmama says:

    I wish I could help you… my son nightweaned at about 18 months… but, it turns out I was pregnant, and I think he found a difference in my milk before I even knew.

    Only problem was that it didn’t help his nightwaking. Not one bit!!! He sleeps pretty good now, at 3 years old, but nightweaning didn’t make it better… sorry… maybe you’ll have better luck than I did!

  3. Mrs. C. says:

    I’m going through the same with my 13 month old. I’m expecting and that always makes less milk, but she still wants to nurse and wakes lots. I found that feeding her more during the day works best for me. (I’m trying to wean, but have learned after 4 others to let them wean, just less stress). So, anyway, more during the day, and maybe a look at sleep during the day also…she’s going with just 1 nap at 1/2 hr. to 45 mins. then up for a good 12+ hours. Don’t forget the molasses for Iron and B Vitamins!! I didn’t believe it could be that good for babies, but you will find healthier and happier full tummy babe to care for! (Also a great source for you, too! we get Wholesome Sweeteners Organic Molasses…no additives!) I hope this helps and baby is soon sleeping well for you!! Blessings, Mrs.C.

  4. tibsy says:

    You’ll get there swizz, then sleep, delicious sleep will be all yours!!!!

  5. swizzler says:

    Plans currently on hold while we get over the latest cold…

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