Colds and other nasties

Just when you think it can’t get any worse, along comes a cold.  Loudboy was up all last night, coughing and snotting all over me (the downside to breastfeeding is that I am the comforter of choice, leaving his dad to roll over and try and get a bit of sleep in between coughing fits).  Now, other mums speak of the glories of Medised, which helps clear up snot and knocks babies out for hours.  Unless you’re Loudboy, who is immune to sleep-inducing drugs.  Two large doses of Medised during the night had little effect other than a gigantic nappy explosion at about 6am.    I left him muttering and staring moodily at a rice cake.  It’s going to be a fun few days…


5 Responses to Colds and other nasties

  1. tibsy says:

    poor you swizz :- ( and poor lo of course. hope he feels better soon. medised has little to no effect on bubs’ sleeping either…..they are seriously hardcore non sleepers!

  2. tamdin says:

    poor ds and por you. can you hide under your desk today!

  3. amberjee says:

    medised pfffff. give us something more hardcore!
    hope the coughing and snotting clears soon.

  4. finngarianmama says:

    Oh no… I hope you guys are on the mend soon…

    I remember giving my son some benadryl for a cold/allergies and he slept for 5 hours at a time… I ran in there and GOT HIM UP because I was afraid he was dead!!! And he was one of the most AWFUL sleepers I know!! STUPID STUPID STUPID I was… he wouldn’t go back to sleep after that!!!

  5. serahrose says:

    good thing you’re not over here in the good ol’ US of A because they just recalled pretty much every cold/cough/flu medicine for kids under 6.

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