Going pear-shaped at a year (or so)

Thanks to Amber for pointing this out:


So we have a good reason why our nights are really, really awful at the moment.  This reason makes a lot of sense to me: Loudboy is definitely starting to work out that things follow on from each other (mainly that bedtime = milk!).  Any tips for getting through on hourly wakings or worse?


5 Responses to Going pear-shaped at a year (or so)

  1. finngarianmama says:

    Fascinating! Add it to the list of excuses! 😉 Baby Boo is going through “something” right now too at almost 8 months… I think it’s the “learning to walk” excuse. DS was the KING of excuses. He would be awake from 2-4 AM EVERY.STINKIN.NIGHT for months on end! But, I could nap with him then. Can’t now. Bring on the coffee!!!

  2. I think that Pitter’s one-year waking up at all hours thing was shorter lived than pre-one year setbacks, if that helps. The only advice I have is to still take care of yourself. It may feel like you’ve got more of a baby/kid than an infant now, but if the child acts like an infant, act like the parent of an infant: take naps as much as humanly possible, ask for help from friends and family, order takeout, and cut back on your committments.

  3. Isil says:

    I feel for you.Try to sleep at baby’s nap times if you can.

  4. Bianca Bean says:

    We did not seem to experience a “regression” at 9 months, so I was hoping it was just more over-generalized sleep theory crapola, but here we are at 13.5 months doing what we did before he started sleeping okay at 8.5 months and I’m a hot mess. I can’t believe we are back to waking 5-7 times a night. It seems we are firmly entrenched in the 55 week sleep regression. All of our commitment to a sleeping routine feels like it was in vain. Teething and his first cold are not helping. I’ll let you know how it turns out if I don’t diiiiiiiiiiiie from fatigue first.

  5. amberjee says:

    oh hell, we get back from overseas in early january and 3 weeks later we hit the 55 week mark. so we’ll have jet lag, disrupted routine and THEN sleep regression. i might just blank out the whole of january for that one. sigh.

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