Slowly slowly wins the race…..

Monkey boy turned 20 months on 25th september and with it came sleep!

We’re by no means the model sleeping family yet. We still sit with him until he falls asleep and he still wakes for a second at around midnight to come in with us but other than that he is managing 7.30-7.30 most days.

I am a beacon of hope that even if you don’t ‘do’ anything that your little one will grow into sleep. Whether you can wait that long is another matter! If someone had told me at 4 months that it would be another year and a half before we had anything like a good night i’d have crumpled in a heap on the floor.

The truth is though that you get through it relatively unscathed, you learn to function with less sleep and the 4 or 5 night wakings start to fade from memory.

Our next hurdle in a few months is to move from co-sleeping to his own little bed. I hope I can hang on to my positivity and know that it’ll be ok no matter what but I have a feeling i’ll be on here tearing my hair out! watch this space…….


6 Responses to Slowly slowly wins the race…..

  1. bluemilk says:

    “If someone had told me at 4 months that it would be another year and a half before we had anything like a good night i’d have crumpled in a heap on the floor.”

    I LOVED that line. Yes, some things are better not known, I must keep that in my head when talking to expectant first time mothers. Are we there yet? Yep, just over that next little rise. You’ll be fine, so close now.

  2. swizzler says:

    Fabolous! I know what you mean about the time thing, I ws thinking that if I knew Loudboy would still be waking at night after a year I would have been in despair.

  3. tamdin says:

    I know blue milk I have to really stop myself from being too smug with first time mums to be! I don’t want to turn into one of those cynical old mums but somtimes my brain is thinking ‘just you wait and see’ <<>>

    Hi swizz. I try not to think ahead too much but human nature is to live in the past or the future only children live in the now. think we can learn alot from them!

  4. swizzler says:

    Is he actually falling asleep in the cot or on your bed? I transfer Loudboy to the cot once he falls asleep but am wondering if I should perservere with getting him to go to sleep in the cot (knackers my back though).

    Very true about the past/present/future. I’m trying to live in the present as much as I can but can’t help thinking of what could happen later on.

  5. tamdin says:

    swizz he’s back to falling asleep in our bed (easier and quicker) and then i put him in the cot when he’s asleep. DH thinks we should put him to sleep in the cot but

    A) when he says we, it means I!
    B) I figure we’re in for major disruption when we move/he goes into his own bed that what’s the point in worrying where he falls asleep atm
    C) there seems to be no correlation as to where he falls asleep and the night ahead!

  6. tibsy says:

    tam, you’ve done brilliantly love. I think it’ll be even easier when he’s in his own bed, I used to get in with and stay with Jimmy until he went to sleep, as you know, he slept like a dream!

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