Slings and things

OK, not technically a sleep issue, but many mums find their babies sleep much better in a sling.  I have a lovely Didymos sling that has been stuffed down the side of the bed for months since Loudboy got too big for the front carry position.  Last week I dug it out, took a deep breath, swung him over my shoulders and tried the back carry.  A bit tricky to tie when he was wriggling about, but he loved it.  And he fell asleep in a very cute way with his head against the back of my neck.  I’m going to try it more often: it’s great in London but not so good if you have lots of shopping to carry.  Any suggestions of failsafe back-carry positions for wrap slings are welcome!


2 Responses to Slings and things

  1. oh brave you! I’m still plucking up the courage to do back carries. I’ve done a few but always with about a million people helping, ready to catch babypixie! Must increase braveness!

    I like this girl‘s wrap videos
    and this one shows a funky little twisty tie

  2. Isil says:

    I didn’t have the courage to tyr the back carry position but just this morning I was thinking of giving it a try.
    Defne also sleeps in the sling(front carry position,facing me),when she is in deep sleep I put her on the bed.

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