What is up with Loudboy at the moment?  He’s OK during the day but very unsettled at night.  Going to sleep is not a problem. but he is waking up a lot, crying for a feed, kicking and wriggling and not letting his long-suffering parents get any sleep.  I think he was waking hourly last night, but I was too tired to look at my watch or do anything apart from feed him and try to doze off again.

Whenever we have periods like this everything is so much harder: getting up, working, getting through the day without any major arguments.  So what does the SIFTW sisterhood say?

1. Get through the day (and night) any way you can.  Now is not the time to be worrying about routines etc.

2. Do the bare minimum.  Are you worrying about cleaning the kitchen or sorting the laundry?  Why?

3. Get yourself a good excuse: I’m going with teeth.

4. Repeat to yourself: it’s a phase, it will pass, we will get through this without killing each other/any nosy b*gger who asks if the baby is sleeping through yet.


4 Responses to Bleeeurgh

  1. finngarianmama says:

    Hey Swizz… check out my recent post, I listed about 25 excuses for you, maybe one of them fits! 🙂

  2. Heather says:

    I have been going through this stuff with my 8 month old right now. I totally sympathize. Why AM I thinking about cleaning the kitchen?

    I figure it must get better, or there wouldn’t be so many families that have more than one child. Hah!

  3. tibsy says:

    You’re doing a grand job swizz, night waking AND working as well, I’d be on the floor!

  4. Isil says:

    and don’t ever look at the watch when baby wakes up at night.Don’t you count how many times you woke up 😉

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