Bringing up baby (or just putting it in the garden)?


Have you seen this show on Channel 4? It’s a disgrace. The poor parents having their lives dissected in front of the camera in those first precious weeks. I had to turn it off half way into the episode this week. I think I’m done. Not to mention the famed Claire Verity and her sleep through the night at 8 weeks methods. Sleep Is For the Weak is here to tell you THAT CAN’T BE RIGHT!

Melanie at Melanie’s Daily Blurb has written a brilliant piece on the show, the approaches, and the “£1000 a day don’t look at your baby or dare pick them up” nanny.


6 Responses to Bringing up baby (or just putting it in the garden)?

  1. tamdin says:

    amber claire verity angers me so much i can’t even bare to talk about her or her ‘methods’ to anyone. In my opinion her advice is basically that of benign neglect. How awful to think of those poor babies under her care that have learnt not to express emotion. Romanian orphanages springs to mind.

  2. finngarianmama says:

    I haven’t seen that show here (in the US) but I can’t imagine how many screwed up adults we’ll be making in the process… 😦

  3. I keep meaning to blog about this, its a horrible horrible show and so upsetting. It made my two year old upset (she actaully brought me her dolly over to cuddle, think she did’t like leaving her out) , I switched it off as felt it was tramatic for her

  4. Zosia says:

    This comment is not remotely related to this post, but this youtube clip

    is quite fabulous, and related to the overall theme of this blog. I love it!

  5. amberjee says:

    oh your sweet daughter laura, bless her. I think the show was too traumatic for me let alone a 2 year old.
    and zosia, that is hilarious, can guarantee theImp would never do that though. He would yell before he put himself to sleep on a couch!

  6. Zosia says:

    And even funnier is the blog I found it on had the comment added that it reminded the author of thier friend when he is drunk…

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