Getting to sleep sans-boob and what’s grosser than gross

You must read this lovely post by Westwardbound on Patience, sweet patience.

“But then, I began playing a patience game with myself which has served me well. Call it kooky, call it blasphemous, call it What Works: When I was at my wits end, feeling nearly violent with the need for Pitter to just go to sleep after forty minutes of chattering, tossing and turning, etc. in our bed, I pretended that Pitter was Divine. I asked myself, What if this baby right here was an incarnation of Buddah, or Jesus himself? What if you were entrusted with caring for a prophet or a saint in their early childhood? Would you be annoyed that they weren’t doing exactly what you wanted them to do every minute, or would you feel blessed to be their caretaker? Maybe you would feel embraced by love, patience, and joy in the job of caring for your divine charge.”

Westwardbound also tagged me to respond to What’s Grosser Than Gross

Soooo, what’s grosser than gross, Mommy Edition?

This tag is quite timely actually. The last few weeks I’ve been trying my best to baby proof our house. I still don’t like to leave the Imp alone too much because he really is trying to climb everything in sight at the moment, so often when I have a shower I take him into the bathroom and he plays with a few toys on the floor and laughs at himself in the mirror. I thought I’d totally baby proofed the bathroom, but this morning I discovered my stupid error – the toilet brush was being licked by you know who. Now I’d come to terms with him licking the wheels of his pram, but not this. Oh no!

I tag Laura at Synchronization of Us and Half Pint Pixie if they want to play, or feel free to play along in the comments


8 Responses to Getting to sleep sans-boob and what’s grosser than gross

  1. here’s mine (I tried really hard to think of a non-poo story but there are just too many to choose from!

    Babypixie, being breastfed, was prone to explosions when she was very little. They used to leak up her back and ruin her clothes, so one day I attempted to be proactive. As soon as she was finished, I whisked her over to the changing table, took her nappy off, cleaned her, no leaks, woo hoo!

    I bent down to get a fresh nappy, and as I bent down, a new explosion! I have never moved so fast in my life, the floor got it, the changing table got it, my sleeve even got a little, but my face did not! And that day I learnt, always change babies from the side 🙂

  2. Heather says:

    Just discovered this blog in the last few days. Dude is almost 8 months old and licking everything in sight and not sleeping and climbing everything. I cannot top your toilet brush, although I’ve caught him licking shoes (bleh) but wanted you to know that you made me laugh hysterically.

  3. amberjee says:

    Thanks Heather, the shoes are a killer aren’t they. The Imp is obsessed with them though. I’m figuring the quicker I learn to let go of all this gross stuff the better for all of us really. Next he’ll be eating snails. And not gourmet butter and garlic with a side of baguette kind either.

  4. myheart4him says:

    My husband was playing with our daughter when she was a baby. He held baby up in the air, and leaned back in the reclines and she giggled like a crazy baby. I ran and grabbed the camcorder and filmed hubby and baby for a few minutes. Then, it happened… While hubby was holding baby up in the air, just over his face, baby threw up and the vomit landed in my husband’s mouth. And, I caught all the action on the video camera. Yuck.

    It is a big joke in our family, now. Can you imagine?

  5. amberjee says:

    LOL a perfect one for your daughter’s 18th birthday! or your husbands 60th 😉

  6. amberjee says:

    and here we go again with the poo and wee consumption

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