Getting through the day …

I used to be of the school of thought that you should suffer through a cold. You should grab a bottomless hot lemon and manuka honey drink and throw your doona on the couch for the duration, subjecting yourself to reruns of friends and updating yourself on Oprah’s latest weight struggle.

No more. Give me the panadol. The nurofen. The cold and flu tablets. For heaven’s sake get me one of each enticing packet that the pharmacy has on offer. I’ve got a 9 month old to look after, and he won’t let me lie on the couch for hours with Oprah as my best friend.

So I still fall back on the faithful natural rememdies, but with a few pharmaceuticals to get us through. It’s the same as with sleep really, you’ve just got to do what you can to get through in the best way that you can.

And if you need to take anything while breastfeeding, you can get great information from the Breastfeeding Network’s Drugline.


4 Responses to Getting through the day …

  1. finngarianmama says:

    (((hugs))) Hope you are feeling better soon! Yep, the days of sleeping off a cold are OVER, at least for now!!

  2. Isil says:

    I feel for you! I have flu and a 9 month old!Poor baby’s nose is also congested now!

  3. Isil says:

    thanks for the link!

  4. […] 3rd, 2007 by halfpintpixie I have a cold, I think I caught it from reading either Isil or Amberjee’s recent cold & flu related […]

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