Bad Habits!

Just when I thought it wasn’t possible for me to make any more ‘mistakes’ in my attempt to get monkey boy to sleep through the night…I’ve gone and added another one!

I think it’s what Tracey Hogg refers to as ‘accidental parenting’!

I’ve started to let my little boy (I don’t think I can get away with the term baby anymore)fall asleep on the bed beside me!

The routine used to be that he was put in his cot and we had hand holding and singing until he fell asleep. Somehow in the last week I have started to let him get into bed with me, we sing a few songs, he has some milk and before you know it he’s out like a light!

The first 2 nights I then lifted him into his cot. By the third night I figured what’s the point as we co-sleep from midnight anyway so I left him in peace snuggled up in our bed. Oh Lord what have I done!

There’s no denying it makes bed time much easier for me as it cuts the settling time to 10 minutes but even my incredibly supportive and co-sleeping advocate of a husband thinks going to sleep in our bed is a step too far.

So tonight I have the dreaded task of going back to our roots and putting him to sleep in his cot.

Wish me luck!


8 Responses to Bad Habits!

  1. Good luck 🙂

    It took us almost two years before we gave up with even trying to put our eldest down by herself and its worked wonders, just a few weeks later she was FINALLY sleeping through.
    You have to do whats right for your family, hope tonight goes well

  2. tamdin says:

    How did you get her to sleep on her own in the end?
    our son is nearly 20 months and his cot is STILL beside our bed and up until now we’ve been co-sleeping from midnight (ish) onwards.
    My other half feels we should go back to settling him to sleep in his cot (from awake) so we’ll see what tonight holds. I have no idea what is for the ‘best’.

  3. finngarianmama says:

    I’ve got a couple of thoughts!

    1. If it makes him (and you) sleep better, do it!

    2. He won’t be sleeping with you when he’s a teenager. 😉

    It will be OK! I have been through sleep hell, and now my almost 3 year old sleeps pretty well and rarely needs help from us at night. We’ll all get there!! (Then we’ll have to find more reasons for you to keep this blog going!!)

  4. tamdin says:

    thanks for your support.
    last night went well. I put him in his cot and he lay down. drank some milk and then we sang a few songs (it’s what we do!)
    he stood up once and said bed (meaning he wanted to get in with me) but i said no why don’t you lie down and we can sing some more songs and he did!
    he was alseep in 5 minutes. no tears at all.
    he woke at 2 to come in withus which is fine and then he didn’t wake until 8.15am
    good night really (smilie face emoticon)

  5. amberjee says:

    I live by ‘accidental parenting’ though I like to call it ‘whatever works’.

  6. We’ve gotten into the terrible habit of snuggling into our queen sized bedj for a bit, and then Pitter crawling onto my stomach to fall asleep on me face-down. But it works! And it’s so cute and he’s not breastfeeding to sleep, which I see as a step in the right direction (because then OTHER people might have a prayer of putting him down). I fear this is the start of a bad habit, but I’m also of the Whatever Works School…Good luck.

  7. Pixie L says:

    My daughter slept in my bed from two weeks (when I gave up on that seperate bed thing in order to get some actual rest) until she was 17 months old. That was when I couldn’t deal with her kicking me anymore. I put up a toddler bed for her, expecting it to take several days of naps before she’d spend the night in it. No. She wanted HER bed that night. More or less, the same thing happened when she moved to her own room at 30 months.

    My five month old boy sleeps with me now, but I’m considering moving him to a cosleeper soon, since he sleeps as well with me as without me, provided I can feed him before he’s too far awake, and I’d like to hog my whole side of the bed again (as opposed to hogging mr. pixie’s side of the bed, like I do now. he’s a heavy sleeper, though, so he doesn’t mind the boy and I taking up so much room).

    Whatever works for whatever family, that’s my main motto. Followed closely by “When Mama is sleeping, if you can feed/quench thirst for/dress/wipe yourself, bug off!” 😉

  8. swizzler says:

    Ahem – we are doing that now I have thrown in the towel and packed the cot away! Also firmly in the ‘whatever workds’ school. DH also muttering about the days he used to have his own bed 😉

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