Revisiting the bedtime routine

I must have spent months fiddling around with our bedtime routine, consulting the books, reading websites, the lot.  All in the hope that a good routine = a speedy, peaceful bedtime.  Ha.  To start with, Loudboy would take ages to drop off, feeding a bit, wriggling a bit, eyes closing and then wham!  wide awake again.  It could take up to 2 hours.

 Then he learnt to crawl and pull himself up to standing – cue more gymnastics before bed.  So eventually I ditched the ‘ideal’ routine and went with what he obviously wanted to do.  So now our routine runs as follows:

 An hour before bedtime, I take him into the bedroom and give him a feed.  At this stage he is usually rubbing his eyes and being a bit cranky.  Now the books would have you believe that he is ready for bed.  WRONG.

 After a long feed, he gets his second wind and crawls around the bed, pulling himself up on the bedstead, grabbing books off the shelves, fishing clothes out of the drawers and generally creating a nice chaotic environment.  I read a couple of books, he giggles a lot and occasionally has a quick feed.

The he gradually winds down, but keeps moving and feeding.  Eventually he starts laying down on the bed, then bouncing up again and moving off.  Finally, he lies down and goes to sleep.  I wait until he’s sound asleep (yes, I know, but putting him in the cot awake means at least another 1/2 hour of bouncing about) then put him in the cot.

I’ve accepted that he needs this time to wind down in a quiet room.  Moving his bedtime later just makes him more cranky and harder to put to sleep.  Oh, and we’ve ditched the bedtime bath because he’s decided he’s scared of water.  They do like to keep you on your toes, don’t they?


3 Responses to Revisiting the bedtime routine

  1. amberjee says:

    He he, sounds like an evening circus – how wonderful! I started reading books to the Imp before bed, and he absolutely goes crazy. He thinks its so funny and rolls around his cot and gets up on all fours and generally acts like a maniac for the duration of the book reading. And at first I thought “oh no this is not meant to happen, it’s meant to be a calm time!” But then I actually think he needs to get that funny stuff out of his system before bed. After that craziness he actually calms down quite well, has a feed and off to sleep (mostly). It really is just a matter of reading your kid’s mind as to what kind of bedtime they need, isn’t it.

  2. tamdin says:

    sounds EXACTLY like our routine at that age. Infact it’s still pretty similar to yours only it has become slightly easier to get to the fast asleep stage the older he has gotten. Best case 10 minutes, worst case 30 minutes start to finish.

    ds also decided he didn’t like bath time anymore not that long ago. it lasted for a week or so and then he changed his mind again!

  3. Angelica says:

    That’s my girl, exactly the same, including the fishing clothes part.
    Yesterday she handed me a book, just her way to distract me so she could crawl out of the room! LOL
    I keep telling to myself, this won’t last forever, sooner than later the problem will be trying to get her out of bed in the mornings 😀

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