What I’ve learned this time round

The Imp slept horribly horribly from 0-6 months, then he slept mostly better, say mostly 2 wakings a night for a few months, and now … oh yeah, you already know. We’re in the midst of horror-ville at night. The Imp is a perfect gentleman during the day, a pleasure to be with. But at night, he becomes very needy.

But guess what, it’s a little easier this time round. Oh sure, it’s only been a week of horrible sleep, rather than 6 months this time, but I’d like to feel I have a tiny bit more perspective. What I’ve learned about bad sleep is this:

  1. it’s nothing to do with what I’m doing or not doing or have done or will do. This is how the Imp sleeps. For the moment. No matter how much attention I pay to naps, food, breastfeeding, entertaining, wearing out, calming down, sprinkling lavendarin the bath, it WILL NOT change the night wakings. So there is not much use putting energy into these things, rather I will put my energy into making it through this challenging time with a little sanity intact. Chocolate croissant and coffee anyone?
  2. I should never ever ever EVER be smug about sleep. See, I recall myself once saying “I’ve done my time” in regard to sleepless nights. I thought now that the Imp only woke up twice a night, it was onwards and upwards from here. I stupidly thought things would only progress forward. I never experienced the 4-5 month regression that many babies have, as we actually had nowhere to regress to. When sleep is so so bad, forward is the only way. But now we are somewhere in the middle, of course it could go forward or back. It WILL go forward and back. Sleep development and maturity is not perfectly linear.
  3. it’s just a phase, just a phase, just a phase. It will pass. And soon.

7 Responses to What I’ve learned this time round

  1. finngarianmama says:

    Yes to this whole thing. YES!!! Yes to all 3 points, but especially the first. We cannot do ANYTHING about it, NOTHING at all… the only thing we can do is try to get as much sleep as possible and set our standards for everything else VERY LOW… have a cup of coffee in the morning if it helps, and yes, let the other kids watch TV. This is all about survival, people! Not about living an idealistic life.

  2. finngarianmama says:

    OH, and about being smug about doing one’s time… I was REALLY smug when I was pregnant the second time because my first was such a HORRIBLE sleeper, I thought the universe OWED me a good sleeper. Well, guess what I got? Another HORRIBLE sleeper! See what happens? 😉

  3. amberjee says:

    ah no finngarian! i thought my next one would HAVE to be a good sleeper. don’t destroy that smug illusion for me ….. arrrgghhh!

  4. finngarianmama says:

    (((hugs))) Sorry… let’s hope you get luckier than me…

  5. Yes yes yes – and it will pass. Took my now 27 month old 2 years to start sleeping through but it really does happen

  6. swizzler says:

    Absolutely. It doesn’t necessarily signal months of bad nights and it is nothing you have done wrong. It Will Pass.

  7. jhoolsema says:

    sleep is developmental…wish someone would have told me that a little sooner. instead, i get so bogged down in the “why” she isn’t sleeping and get obsessed over naptimes, eating times, routines, etc., only to feel even more frustrated because these systems don’t work. For example, my baby slept better in the night when her naps were spurratic and short…now that she’s napping a lot better, the nightwakings increase. go figure. they just eventually will figure it out i guess.

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