Our 8 month sleep regression

After happily sleeping away the nights with 2 wakings or so for the last few months, we have hit a major regression. The lovely Moxie, fountain of all parenting wisdom, provides me with the ideal excuse to explain away this all night waking that is currently happening. It is officially the 8 month sleep regression.

I’ve tried to get hold of this miracle book the Wonder Weeks, but it seems to be out of print and oh so hard to come across. We all know about the growth spurt and how that can lead to all night feed-a-thons. We have another night-waking friend called the developmental spurt. From what I’ve read on Moxie’s site, the Wonder Weeks explains that babies typically have developmental spurts around weeks 5, 8, 12, 19, 26, 37, 46, and 55.

Well guess what, we are smack on the 37 week spurt. No wonder life is hell at the moment. Moxie says this 8 month spurt is one of the worst:

“The “8-month sleep regression” (which for some babies is closer to a 9-month sleep regression) is related to the 37-week spurt. For some reason that one just seems to cause more waking, too, than some of the other spurts do. It might also be particularly hard because many babies are smack in the middle of working on crawling or walking, and also teething.”

So cross my fingers and bring out the extra strong coffee, we’re hauling on through the 8 month sleep regression.


8 Responses to Our 8 month sleep regression

  1. swizzler says:

    Wow, that is fascinating and explains a LOT about the past few months chez Swizz. Even those brief times when Loudboy sleeps more or less through (I wish they lasted longer!)

  2. Thank you for posting this , i mean really, my youngest started sleeping through at 4 months and done so till 8 months when suddenly everything changed, she is now 10 months and wakes at least once and normally takes a while to settle . Its nice to know there could be a reason behind it

  3. finngarianmama says:

    Our excuse here is Baby Boo learning how to crawl. I think she must have been wanting to party with your baby last night because she was up for a couple of hours too, 15 minutes after I’d fallen asleep and was ready to be up a mere 6 hours later!!! By some miracle of God I got her back to sleep for about another 1 1/2 hours… thankfully because I can’t chase my two crazies on that little sleep…

    (Heading for the coffee myself… Lebanese coffee is excellent for coping with sleep deprivation BTW…)

  4. Leila says:

    We seem to have been regressing ever since our baby was 5 months; uptil then he only woke once at 3.00 am for a feed and slept until the morning. After 5 months he started waking every 3 hours for feeds (we think, or comfort) and now it is almost every 1,5 hours and worse still, at midnight does not want to go back to sleep till 3.00. Not only is our baby not sleeping in the night; he only cat naps twice a day for half an hour and the last 10 days is now not eating well either. Despite his erratic sleeping he has been a happy boy but this week he has been crying a lot and being very clingy. As we are hardly getting any sleep we are getting desparate. What can we do?

  5. Kristi says:

    wow..i have twins, and we’re up 2x a night and we just hit the crazy 37 weeks so i’m up with both at least 3x+ each. I have one teething 2 teeth and the other just broke through 2 and working on 2 more right beside those! One has a horrid diaper rash and diarhea due to teething and they are hungry all the time….They are still crying a lot–just more of an attention thing though i think….they are pulling up and are everywhere crawling!!!!!! sleep–it’s for the weak… hahahaha HELP! i’m reading everything like a sponge–thanks for the info!!!!

  6. ND Paiva says:

    thank God i found your site! i have an 8 month old who went through that age 5m growth-spurt-therefore-no-sleep phase so bad that it left me in tears for weeks. i can see another one coming on!
    i’ll go buy that lebanese coffee…

  7. Candice says:

    This kinda knocks the nail on the head for us I think. Our son is 9 months tomorrow and for the past week and a half he’s been hell to get to bed and stay in bed. He has slept through from 5 weeks and hardly ever has woken throughout the night until now. He wakes up crying and is resisting his cot, so now the portacot has been brought in and he is sleeping in it (he had used it weeks previous from a holiday and we’ll try anything to get sleep!). Today I put on some Bach for him to listen to and presto he fell asleep, no crying or resisting. Hope it works tonight! It’s amazing how it changes your life and sleep. I am used to the good old 6-8 hours and now it’s diminishing and finding most nights having to share a bed with our son which is rather umcomfortable when some lil guy hogs the bed 🙂 Hope all you others get through this time 🙂

  8. Dan says:

    Just wanted to chime in that we are in the same boat. Was a great sleeper up until 8.5 months. Still not too bad, but waking up every couple hours for a feeding. He is also just starting to learn to crawl. It is good to hear these things as being new parents you constantly walk the line of worrying and trusting it’s a normal thing.

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