Night time boob or not?

Last night, I was determined to try the bubs with her bottle when she woke, to see if she was waking for the comfort of the boob, rather than for food.

It didnt start off too well, when she fell asleep at 5.50pm, an all time record of an early night. I had an inkling that I may be in for a bumpy ride, but nothing like the reality…..

She woke at 9.30pm, but settled with a ssshhhh and a pat, ditto 10.30pm. When she woke again at 11.15pm, I decided that she may well be hungry/thirsty, so presented her with her bottle which she duly took, albeit only a few ounces. When she awoke again at 2am, I tried the bottle again and she took it, great, ‘this seems to be working’, I thought…………how wrong was I? …… TWO HOURS it took me to get her back to sleep. Ok, so it may have been because she had such an early night, and in the end, I resorted back to old faithful, the boob (worked a treat and off to sleep she went)

 I cant help wondering if she would have stayed awake that long if I hadnt been so bloody stubborn and had breastfed her straight away, or whether it was just because she’d gone to bed so early?……..

 One thing’s for sure, it’s a later night for the bubs tonight, without a doubt.


One Response to Night time boob or not?

  1. Now and then we tried some water for the night wakings but it never really worked, it was breast or nothing and as you said – so much quicker.

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