Teething is back!

Ok, so this is more for my benefit than an interesting read but I  feel the need to put down on ‘paper’ where we are up to….

1. Monkey boy going to bed 7pm-7.30pm every night

2. I still have to stay and sing/keep pulling the cord on his musical moon (lol!) and hold his hand through the bars until he goes to sleep. This normally takes 20 minutes start to finish.

3. He wakes about 11 to come in to bed with us (don’t mind co-sleeping) and goes straight back to sleep. I know this is a habit but I do not have the energy or inclination to try and change it at the moment.

4. He wakes for milk through the night (the time varies) and is ‘allowed’ 1 bottle. Have reduced the quantity slowly so he is only having 4 oz (2oz milk 2oz water mixed). The idea is to slowly reduce the milk until it is just water or even better no wakenings!

5. Naps are still ‘perfect’…. goes to sleep on his own in a matter of minutes (sometimes seconds!) in his cot and sleeps for 2 hours.

Phew….I feel better now that I can see it in black and white. Not great is it? but not awful either.

The plan is still the same. Wait until we move house and then get him a bed of his own and start the weaning process of getting him to sleep on his own all night. Why does this fill me with dread!

Comments welcome!


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