Naps, naps, naps, naps, naps

When my darling girl was a newborn, I read books that gave regimes for nap, feed and bed times. The buddha bubba however, has always danced to her own tune and refuses to become part of a routine during the day. Ahem, don’t know where she gets her stubborn streak from!!

For the most part, I have found it much easier to just go with the flow, otherwise, I just end up frustrated at the fact that she wont do what I want her to do or think she should be doing ;- ) However this means that I never know where I stand.

Take yesterday for example, she refused to have a nap 3 times, laughing at me everytime I put her into her cot!! Cute, but….. She eventually went down at 12.30pm  and slept for 2 hours, her only nap of the day. Now today, she’s conked out at 10am. Who knows how long she’ll sleep and if she’ll need another nap this afternoon to keep her going until bedtime?

It’s certainly keeping me on my toes and shows that my baby is unique and has individual needs and that her needs are changing daily. So, I continue to try to remain relaxed and ‘go with the flow’ about it, whilst feeling slightly envious of those mummies who can schedule that hour or so every day to do whatever they want.


11 Responses to Naps, naps, naps, naps, naps

  1. amberjee says:

    don’t these babies understand that we need to schedule our coffee and cake dates! hmmm, the nerve!

  2. tibsy says:

    i know, its blinking outrageous!!!!! good job i’m in my dippy hippy mode ;- )

  3. ooh I know the feeling. People often say to me “Is it time for her nap?” to which I answer “maybe…”

    She likes to keep me on my toes by jazzing up our “routine” as soon as I get used to it! I get the feeling I’m the one being trained here not the other way round 😉

  4. amberjee says:

    i remember when the in-laws came over and asked when his naps were so they could schedule their visits. damned if I know! they also presumed that when he went to sleep he would sleep for 2 hours so they would go and do something. i felt like saying, just have a cup of tea and wait half an hour – he’ll be up!

  5. tibsy says:

    halfpint, i wondered why the bubs kept offering me some of her food. maybe its my ‘treat’ for responding so well!!!!
    amber – i know that feeling ;- )

  6. amberjee says:

    that said, he just treated me to a 2 hour nap (shock) after his half hour this morning. you just never can tell.

  7. finngarianmama says:

    Baby Boo’s naps are totally unpredictable as well. I can’t ever plan anything around her naps. So I don’t. But they both have colds this week so I’m not going anywhere anyway. Today she actually put herself to sleep (or rather, passed out from being exhausted from fighting it so badly, while I was taking a shower. I got out to find her out cold in the cosleeper. I’m trying that again right now because she got fussy but I don’t think it’s working. NOTHING WORKS and nobody is happy because everyone is tired. Ugh.

  8. tibsy says:

    oh bless. its hard when theyre ill, especially if we’re not feeling too great either. i hope you all get some rest soon

  9. babypixie only fell asleep by herself once, it gave me the fright of my life, I sat beside her looking at her thinking “should I wake her up and see if she’s alright!”

    amberjee or tibsy, if you want to play, I’ve thrown a tag in your direction…. catch it or dodge it if you like 😉

  10. Pixie L says:

    DC didn’t sleep. Really. From birth, she slept a six hour chunk, every night. Before you get past “not” in “that’s not fair!” I’ll let you in on the rest of it. That was ALL SHE SLEPT AT NIGHT. Plus a two hour nap in the morning, a three hour nap in the afternoon, and sometimes another hour in the evening. My life was a constant fog. I learned to nap every time she went down. I learned to cosleep, in spite of my mantra of “no child will sleep in my bed.” Hey, she slept a bit longer with me than without me. Good enough for me! She still doesn’t sleep a lot (at 5 years), but she has learned to stay in bed and sing quietly to herself or the cat when she’s not ready to fall asleep. I can live with that…

  11. amberjee says:

    Pixie L, that actually sounds good to me. But then my standards are pretty low! Actually I don’t know if it’s worse getting up every hour for 10 hours, or only being in bed for 6. But good on you for napping on her schedule, those blissful daytime sleeps can keep you going.
    It is wonderful once they can entertain themselves in bed. Some mornings I don’t know what time ds wakes up because it’s a blur of me looking at the clock, falling back asleep to mumblings in the cot then waking up when the clock’s moved on 45 mins or so. was he awake, asleep, who knows, and actually who cares!!

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