Back in the cot

After a terrible night on Sunday when Chops was awake from 1-4am in bed with me, kicking, wriggling and generally being a pest, we decided that maybe it was time to call an end to co-sleeping (after all, if we’re not getting more sleep from it, what’s the point?) — so last night, after every waking, back in the cot he went. And actually, it wasn’t that bad — he woke every two hours, which involved a bit more effort than when he was in bed with me, but settled back into the cot after a quick feed. (This may sound like a terrible night but, believe me, the three-hour waking was much worse.)

Next week we’re moving house and Chops will finally have his own room (at 6 months he’s hopefully ready to make the move). So it’s good to try to have him in his cot all night, ’cause I don’t really want to be lugging him across the landing at 1am. Now, if only I could crack that feeding-to-sleep business…


2 Responses to Back in the cot

  1. tibsy says:

    well done meg. fingers x’d for the transition to his own room when you move :- )

  2. Hope the move is easy for you guys, we tried and tried with my eldest and gave up around 2 years of age and accepted she would be fulltime in out bed.

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