Nil by mouth

We’ve been going down the path of Baby Led Weaning with the Imp. On the few occassions I’ve tried to feed him something with a spoon, he refuses, closing his lips tight. He will not be fooled. Even doing funny things to make him laugh results in a close lipped laugh. He KNOWS what we’re up to. Who knows if we created this aversion by having him feed himself from the beginning, or whether he would have been like this anyway. My guess is that it’s just his personality. He’s fussy about things going into his mouth – has to be on his terms. He’s always been like this with breastfeeding too.

Which brings me to last night’s episode, the dream feed. Success or failure? I haven’t worked it out. This is what happened… I was able to gently lift the imp out of the cot, get him to suck on my finger and then tried to get him to feed. I came up against the tight lip seal again. Would. Not. Open. Mouth. Tried different things to get him to open up. Not a chance in hell. He did not want to feed! I imagined that I would put him back, hop into bed and then he would wake demanding a feed.

But no, the wonderous Imp slept until 4am, had a feed, than back to sleep until 7! Of course, it might have helped that I was wearing earplugs due to a loud all-night party nearby. Or maybe the Imp sleeps better to loud 80’s rock.


3 Responses to Nil by mouth

  1. tibsy says:

    these babies definitely have minds of their own!!! great night tho, apart from the 80’s rock ;- 0

  2. tamdin says:

    he’s so dtermined isn’t he amber. very much like my ds. Good night considering the lack of bf so well done X

  3. Monica says:

    sleep is for the weak! love it! haven’t had any since i gave birth 6 months ago..haha into BLW too..:)

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