Struggling through

It’s great when you can see progress, however slight, in your baby’s sleeping habits.  Longer naps, easier bedtimes, longer gaps between wakings.  What about when there isn’t any progress and things seem to be regressing?  That’s where we are at the moment – Loudboy is still waking at least every couple of hours at night, he’s refusing to stay in his cot for long periods and his naps are up the shoot.  Excuses? Well, he’s hit the 10 month cling zone and hates to be separated from me or his dad, whoever is on duty.  He’s hyper during the day, crawling, climbing, thinking about walking, destroying anything he can see.  He’s also restless at night.  The warm nights don’t help as he gets very thirsty so is feeding more, meaning more nappy changes and so it goes on.

So how to get through?  First, it’s a phase.   It’s always a phase, even if it has lasted for ages.  It Will Pass.

Second, we relax and do what we need to get through alive and sane.  For us, that means bringing Loudboy into bed with us when he gets too restless for his cot, wearing him out during the day (and not worrying too much about nap times) and giving him lots of cuddles and playtime.

Is it time for sleep training? I don’t know.  The timing isn’t right at the moment, as we’ll soon be on holiday and in strange rooms and beds.  Then we will hopefully be moving house.  But if Loudboy doesn’t get his head around this sleep business on his own, it may be time to gently intervene, so watch this space.


6 Responses to Struggling through

  1. finngarianmama says:

    My Baby Boo hasn’t been napping worth crap lately, yesterday she had 1/2 hour, 1/2 hour, then 5 minutes and that was it. Fortunately she slept pretty good last night, other than waking up to nurse about 1000 times. And, I had insomnia. Why? Because sleep is for the WEAK, that’s why!!! 🙂 THANK GOD FOR COFFEE…

  2. amberjee says:

    LOL at the 5 minutes. sometimes i laugh at myself when i count 5 mins as a nap. But guess it’s better than nothing!

  3. tibsy says:

    i’m completely with you swizz. will watch with interest ;- )

  4. p74 says:

    Just found this blog and wanted to say how great it is to read that someone else is going through the same as me. My baby’s 3.5 months and is waking every 3 hours and at times I feel like going into meltdown – especially when people have been asking (almost since she was born!) “is she sleeping through yet”? My sister, a veteran mother of two, told me just to say, breezily, “oh yes, has done for months” just to get people off your back!

  5. amberjee says:

    I don’t know what blardy babies sleep through at 3 months old. People must be lying. I just can’t see how it’s possible. p74, your sister sounds like a very wise woman 😉

  6. buddha says:

    My son started sleeping through the night at 10 weeks old. He was sleeping 8-12 hours through without a peep. He is exclusively breastfed and this sleep pattern lasted for about 2 months. I was a new woman! I couldn’t believe it was happening since my first child didn’t sleep through until he was 2 yrs old. I thought everyone was lying that said it was possible. Then we went on vacation and everything changed. Now he is 6 months old and is waking up 4 times a night and is very difficult to get back down. He is close to crawling and seems to practice in the middle of the night. Oh well. I guess that’s what I get for bragging about his sleeping habits. This too shall pass!!

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