Co sleeping for the growing baby!!

We’ve been co sleeping with the buddha bubs since… well since she was born really. Both bubs’ dad and I are big advocates, the cuddle factor, for breastfeeding, and also cos it’s so much blooming easier when  you’ve got a baby who likes to wake as many times as ours has and still does to some extent.

Just recently though, I’ve noticed just how close to the edge I’ve been getting. Not in a mental health kind of way you understand, but a physical, falling out of the blinking bed kind of way!

Buddha bubs is not likely to be moving out of our room any time soon and I dont really want to be up all night re settling her after she wakes, (I’m shattered enough as it is), so what’s the next plan of action?…..

Think it will have to be the best of both worlds and we’ll have to either invest in a bedside cot, or handyman dada will have to create one from the cot we’ve got. No more clinging to the edge of the bed for dear life, or waking with a stiff neck and aching back from wrapping myself around the bubs in a desperate bid to claim a little more of the bed, MY bed…..

I’ve seen a fab t shirt from,  ‘I let my parents sleep in the big bed with me’……….how true!!!!


3 Responses to Co sleeping for the growing baby!!

  1. lol, i know the feeling! dd has always coslept, and she prefers to sleep diagonally so we invested in 2 futons, a 5 ft & a 3 ft pushed together and swivled through 90 degrees so there’d be no join. So it’s 6 ft 6 wide and 8 ft long and I still got pushed out last night 😉

  2. tamdin says:

    also know the feeling tibs. Why do you think when we move we’re investing in a 7ft wide bed!

  3. tibsy says:

    yep, the extra couple of feet really make the difference!! our bed felt like a vast ocean last night ;- )

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