To nurse in public

It’s breastfeeding week this week. I love all the wonderful people who have worked to bring more acceptance to breastfeeding in public, anywhere, anytime.

And yet, I still find myself in a restaurant hiding out in a quiet corner, escaping to the ladies toilets, muslin draped over my shoulder and over the Imp’s head when trying to feed him.

I am not shy at all about breastfeeding. So why the reclusive behaviour at feeding time? Basically because the Imp prioritises EVERYTHING over feeding.

Licking the table cloth, way better than feeding.

Looking at the waiter serving bread, way better than feeding.

Watching dad drink a beer, way better than feeding.

Staring at the ceiling fan, way better than feeding.

You get the drift.

The only way to make him concentrate on nursing is to cut out all sensory stimulation. Switch the lights off in the ladies toilets, cover his eyes with the muslin, don’t talk, just gently rock and lull him into a relaxed state.

So I’d love to be a lactivist mamma creating more acceptance for breastfeeding, but alas I am destined to be hiding away in the back trying to coax my little man to his food.

Have a look at this wonderful advert:

Lunch (Man on Toilet)


3 Responses to To nurse in public

  1. finngarianmama says:

    Don’t feel bad!!! Both of my kids are the same. DS was worse than DD, but she is still a LOT more interested in EVERYTHING else other than nursing! I was never able to nurse in public with DS, NO WAY was he going to eat if there was something new to see!

  2. amberjee says:

    Yes, I’ve come to accept it most of the time, though it’s still sometimes frustrating. I was hoping he’d grow out of it, but doesn’t show any signs of giving up on this just yet … He can be starving and still refuse to concentrate!

  3. DD will still allow us to nurse in public, only I have to be on high alert as she’ll whip her head off and expose me to the world at a moment’s notice. At 9 months, she’s getting headstrong, so if she’s on my knee and wants milk, then she will pull my top down herself if i’m not fast enough 🙂

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