Sleeping with your baby

“One of the biggest crises of confidence that new mothers face has to do with sleep. Mothers feel responsible for their babies’ sleep. Others ask mothers if their babies are sleeping through the night, as if this is something the mothers can control. Mothers lie to one another about whether or not their infants sleep through the night. And everyone lies about not bringing their babies into bed with them.

We lie because our society has unrealistic expectations of babies, and therefore we have unrealistic expectations of ourselves as mothers. Our expectations for babies’ sleep simply do not coincide with babies’ actual capabilities, or with the normal behavior of our species.”

Read the whole article here: Sleeping with your baby by Peggy O’Mara


5 Responses to Sleeping with your baby

  1. tamdin says:

    so true!

  2. finngarianmama says:

    If I didn’t sleep with my kids, NOBODY would sleep! Thankfully DS is in his own room now but DD does WAY better with me…

  3. serahrose says:

    what a great article. there were several months (when crawling was beginning) when i thought i’d never sleep again and all my mom friends thought i was nutz when i said we’re still co-sleeping. but, good grief, why should i sit up in a chair to nurse when i can nurse lying down, and asleep?

    now, my daughter (10 months) and I have a lovely arrangement. she goes to sleep in her crib (with much rocking and singing and nursing), i go to sleep in my bed. around 11 or 12 or 1 or 2 or 3, she wakes up and i bring her to bed, and there she stays until morning.

    and we both sleep fantastically.

  4. swizzler says:

    Co-sleeping is the only thing keeping me sane at the moment!

  5. With a little teething monster in the house, we’d never sleep if it wasn’t for cosleeping. She’s 9 months old now, and is able to crawl over and latch on while I’m asleep, excellent!

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