How not to deal with night wakings

I thought we were in for a bad night when Loudboy refused to take a nap in the afternoon and went into meltdown after his tea.  I was right.  Awake every hour or two, just wanting to feed and screaming when I tried to put him down.  Of course I forgot all my good Zen intentions and resorting to hissing at him at 1am: ‘Why don’t you just go to f****ing sleep!’  Not a good mummy moment.  He got his revenge this morning (we gave up and brought him into bed with us after the swearing incident) by pinching my spectacles and beating me over the head with them.

Note to self: remember to put everything out of reach now that he can climb.


6 Responses to How not to deal with night wakings

  1. serahrose says:

    so, um, do you actually have to DO something to deserve being beaten about the head with your spectacles? because, if that’s the case, i must do something bad multiple times a day. that’s A___’s favorite morning pastime.

  2. gingerninja says:

    Swiz, I’m ashamed to admit that I can’t remember how many times I’ve done this. After a two hour marathon cryathon the other night because she just wanted holding I used some choice language. I am wondering what her first word is going to be.

  3. amberjee says:

    oops i did it last night when the Imp wouldn’t lie down to feed. what on earth difference does it make to him whether we lie down or sit up – apparently it matters for some unknown reason. i just can’t get to love sitting up at 4am …

  4. leelahelen says:

    It’s 4:00 in the morning as I’m typing this, and I could cry for finding out that I’m not the only mom who’s ever dropped the F-bomb on an infant. Little Dude has actually been asleep for an hour and a half now, but I’m so wound up from my latest efforts to get him there that I can’t drift off myself. And I know he’ll wake up to feed in far less time than I would actually need to feel remotely rested, yet here I am online looking for a magic bullet I can use tomorrow night. How can I love him so much and still want to throw him in the lake sometimes?

  5. swizzler says:

    I have never found a magic bullet – the only thing that has kind of worked for us is relaxing and going with the flow (and hoping that tomorrow will be better)

  6. gingerninja says:

    It does all seem better in the cold light of day. I don’t think we should feel too guilty for getting frustrated at night. We’re conditioned to sleep at night , just wish these babies were too.

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