Naps (again!)

I thought we had sorted Loudboy’s naps. He was going for two nice hour-long sleeps a day, usually in his cot, sometimes in his pushchair. No longer! He’s started to drop his afternoon nap if there’s something especially interesting going on. Checking my baby books, he really shouldn’t be doing this for a while yet. Loudboy hasn’t read these books himself, but I can tell by his expressions exactly what he thinks of these books and it isn’t much…


2 Responses to Naps (again!)

  1. tibsy says:

    swizz, the buddha bubs started this the other week too and i boo hooed the idea of only one nap a day. the last few days she’s reverted back to two!! they certainly like to keep us on our toes ;- )

  2. finngarianmama says:

    Oh mama… we’re in naptime hell at our house too. It’s awful!!! She seems to think that from 9-10 at NIGHT is a NAP… UGH!!! I was a total psycho yesterday…

    Yes sleep is for the weak, but, what happens when you get all psychotic?

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