Boy cannot live by milk alone!

After a particularly ‘bad’ night, when my darling son drank 21oz milk btween 7pm and 7am, I decided it was about time we try to wean him off his bottles at night.

He had gotten himself into a habit of waking every 4 hours for milk . The pattern was bed at 7pm with bottle, awake at 11am and 3am for milk then up for the day at 7am. We have gone with the flow with this until now for 2 reasons.  

Firstly, he doesn’t eat large quantities of food during the day and so I felt he must be truly hungry and secondly, he would go straight back to sleep within a matter of minutes if he was given his bottle.

This week however, I have been trying to reduce the volume/quantity of his night feeds in an attempt to cut the night waking altogether.

We are having some success. He has dropped one of the feeds without too much hassle. A few grumblings and a bit of huffing but nothing compared to what I had anticipated. The challenge now is how do I get him to drop the 2nd one and get through the night without any milk whatsoever?


2 Responses to Boy cannot live by milk alone!

  1. swizzler says:

    Losing one bottle without too much hassle is a great result.

  2. tibsy says:

    you’re doing well tam and the little man too!!! well done, am sure he will start to eat more during the day to compensate. Result!

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