What is progress?

I have learned to never discuss Loudboy’s sleeping patterns with most of the mothers I know. For example, for the past few nights we have had one long stretch of about 4 hours. My SIFTW sisters know what a breakthrough this is for us and react accordingly. Other mums would just look at me in startled pity and say, ‘He’s STILL waking up at night?’ The truth is, I don’t really mind the night wakings and feedings as long as I can get some sleep in between times. Of course this marks me out as a complete freak among the ‘get your baby to sleep through the night’ brigade so I keep quiet.

It IS progress, just like the naps that extend from 30 mins to an hour, or the baby who will go to sleep while you’re having over his cot rather than being rocked and fed, or the baby that will go to sleep within half an hour rather than taking 2 hours and a lot of frustrated muttering to go down. They may be baby steps, but they are steps in the right direction.


4 Responses to What is progress?

  1. tibsy says:

    i quite agree swizz. People look horrified when i tell them i’m still feeding buddha bubs in the night, let alone that we have other wakings besides ;- 0 I quite enjoy telling them now, just to freak them out!!!!

  2. amberjee says:

    Recently I met with a friend and admitted yes, the Imp IS finally sleeping better. She gave me a knowing smile which intimated that we were now part of the same club, the very exclusive “sleeping through the night club”. Imagine her surprise when I said ‘Yes, it’s so great only having to get up twice a night’.

  3. amberjee says:

    and what else can babies take but ‘baby steps’? 🙂

  4. gingerninja says:

    I agree with Tibs, I love telling people we’re a non sleeping household, they then always apologise but still tell me how their little one has slept since day one. Only other parents of non sleepers can truly appreciate the huge difference four hours can make to your well being.

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