Just goes to show, you never can tell

Chops has been a diehard 30-minute napper since he was about eight weeks old — you could set your clock by his waking after exactly half an hour. And he would never, ever resettle. This meant that up until recently I’d have to put him down for four or even (when he could only stay awake 90 mins at a time) five naps a day. Oh yes, and up til a few weeks ago this could only be in his pram (while being pushed) or in the car seat. I took a lot of half-hour walks around the block, rain or shine (at least it helped shift a bit of that baby belly).

And if you had told me that one day my little one would start taking 60/90-minute naps… in his cot… I would never have thought it possible (without leaving him to cry, which I am way too much of a softie for). And yet there he is right now, taking a long lunchtime nap — like he did yesterday — and for the last few days. What have I done differently? Nothing, really. I guess he was just ready for it. Who knows — maybe tonight, or tomorrow night, or next week, may be when he starts sleeping better at night, too.


2 Responses to Just goes to show, you never can tell

  1. amberjee says:

    It’s true Meg, it does happen! The Imp did the same. He was a half hour man through and through. And then one day, it went to 45mins. And then magically an hour or hour and a half. Sometimes he does still regress, but he does pretty well most of the time now. And then he very very occassionally does 2 hours + and I have to go and check that he is okay 😉

  2. tibsy says:

    buddha bubs was the same too megs. 30 mins and her little eyes would ping open. it was like she had this internal alarm. you’ll be happy to know that she now takes 90 min naps, so there is hope!!!

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