Baby 1 and baby 2!

I have started to think that at around tea time someone comes to our home and secretly swaps my boy with a cloned copy. He looks the same, smells the same but the big difference is baby no.1 sleeps like a dream during the day and baby no. 2 needs physical contact and singing to go to sleep and wakes frequently through the night!

How can this be the same child? For his day time nap I place him in his cot with his dummy and his blanket, say ‘time for sleepies’ and walk out and close the door. He chats to himself for a matter of minutes and then falls fast asleep for at least 2 hours.

Fast forward 6 hours to bedtime…. I try the same again only this time all hell breaks loose. We have tears, shouts for mummy and subsequent throwing of all wordly possessions out of his cot. So I stay, I sing and I sit beside him until he goes to sleep. 

I cannot leave him to cry so what do I do?

For now I will carry on and hope that one day, as with his nap, he learns it’s ok to go to sleep on his own.


3 Responses to Baby 1 and baby 2!

  1. amberjee says:

    For a moment I thought you were announcing you were pregnant Tam 😉 LOL
    The naps sound like bliss, though I have no idea why the nighttime brings such a different struggle. xx

  2. gingerninja says:

    Tam, this is EXACTLY where we are at the moment. Makes no sense to me either.

  3. swizzler says:

    You’er a lot further on than me, as we’re still struggling with naps!

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