What’s the big secret, mummy?

What’s the big secret, mummy? Co-sleeping in the UK

Organically Inclined on The Family Bed


5 Responses to What’s the big secret, mummy?

  1. swizzler says:

    Love the article on co-sleeping. Lots of us do it without classing ourselves as ‘co-sleepers’

  2. Interesting story. It sounds to me like you need to improve your sleeping habits.

    Keep up the good work. It is obvious you have done some good research.

  3. tamdin says:

    thnaks for this amber exactly what i needed today. X

  4. amberjee says:

    I think it is really common for people just to take the easy option – bring your baby into bed, to feed, or to sleep better, whatever. It might not have been a conscious choice, just seemed to happen that way. Anything to get a bit more sleep. It makes me sad though that health professionals are so down on it and sometimes parents think they can’t be open about it.

  5. tibsy says:

    brilliant articles amber. tibsy holds her hand up, I am a co-sleeper and I’m proud!!! ;- )

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