Progress – of a sort

Last night was the best we have had in a long time. Loudboy slept from about 11:30pm until after 4am, albeit in bed with us. Tonight has seen another small breakthrough. I’m trying to adjust things really slowly, one week at a time. Last week was Put Loudboy To Sleep When Tired (And Not Before). This week is Settle Loudboy In Cot (Not In Arms). If he gets too cross I will pick him up, but tonight he didn’t. Thanks to lots of tickling and funny noises, he eventually curled up in his cot and went to sleep. Now if he repeats his 4-hour stretch tonight I’ll be dancing in the streets tomorrow morning.


3 Responses to Progress – of a sort

  1. tibsy says:

    fabulous news swizz!! you deserve it, lets hope loudboy is on a roll now ;- )

  2. excellent amberjee, i too am unable to give up my daily caffeine-hit, it’s tea for me, but it’s such a pleasurable time out, I love it!

  3. oops i have no idea how my comment to amber ended up here, feel free to delete it!

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