Too busy worrying to enjoy those special moments?

I spent most of yesterday with a good friend and her son who is 4 weeks old today and I  realised something about myself…

There have been times in my little boy’s life when I have been so busy worrying about what I was doing ‘right’ that I haven’t stopped to enjoy those special moments.

My friend and I decided to visit my mum yesterday for a change of scenery (we all know how much we need that in those first few weeks!) and while we were sitting in the conservatory it started to pour with rain. I watched with joy as this new born baby marvelled at the noise and the excitement of such a new experience. My mum piped up ‘oh Rudy used to love that too’ …….. I thought did he ?

I realised that yes, she was right, he did used to love it. Only instead of being fascinated by his little face learning something new, I had missed it and instead was probably bombarding my mum with the following questions….

*Do you think he looks tired?

*Should I try to put him down?

*Do you think I should make him wait for his next feed or feed him now?

*Do you think it’s wrong that he sleeps in bed with us?

………you get the picture!

And so now I realise that my mum has enjoyed and stored those memories for me because I was too busy worrying and trying to do the  ‘right’ thing. I won’t be doing that anymore!


2 Responses to Too busy worrying to enjoy those special moments?

  1. gingerninja says:

    You’re so right Tam. I’ve thought this myself about so many things. Previous generations relied on family, friends and instinct for parenting. I think our generation are made to feel like we should only trust the professionals thus spending too much time in conflict between instinct and knowledge. It really can take the enjoyment out of having a baby.

  2. swizzler says:

    Absolutely! We spend so much time worrying about things, especially those things we can’t control!

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