I haven’t been out at night for 6.5 months

Is this crazy? I have some friends who take their same aged daughter out to restaurants etc and have her sleep in the buggy. Or if she doesn’t sleep, well, she just stays awake. I wonder if because of our long lasting sleep issues that we have not been the kind of easy going parents we hoped we would be. I’ve become addicted to the bedtime routine, hoping that it helps the Imp to sleep, but have we become a slave to it? Do I feel like throwing caution to the wind and taking the Imp out to the loveliest restaurant, staying up past all our bedtimes?

I’d love to go out at night and leave my partner with the Imp. But usually I go to bed at 9pm. I’m scared if I stay up later, that will be the night the Imp decides to wake up every hour again.

 Sigh, have I gotten boring?


3 Responses to I haven’t been out at night for 6.5 months

  1. pluckymama says:

    I’m so on the same page as you. When something is working it’s very scary to try something else.

  2. wolfmama says:

    I’m just contemplating someting along these lines – going to mum’s on Saturday and staing for tea. This means I’ll be driving home at lo’s bedtime. Plan would be to do ‘routine’ there, let im sleep on way home and then attempt to re-settle him at home. Figure, since he wakes 2-3 times anyway, probably won’t make things any worse. He’s 9months old now and I’ve been a slave to his bedtime since he was 6 weeks old, not that bothered to start with, but think now might be the time to see if we can have a little flexibility. Will let you know how I get on!

  3. The trip out during bed-time has to be worth it to you, I think. It probably will mess up the Imp’s schedule, although you might be surprised to find the baby falls asleep in a carriage/car and stays asleep even after you get home. But it’s just as likely you’ll be woken up many more times than usual later in the weee hours. For your mental health, it can be worth it every now and then!

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