Things people say

How old  is your little man now?

6 months

Are you still breastfeeding?

As in, you might want to think about giving up now he’s hit 6 months. Hell, I struggled so much with breastfeeding in the early months, that I think we deserve to nurse as long as we like!

Is he in a routine yet?

I got asked this from about 4 weeks if I remember correctly. It stressed me out a bit at the time as I thought I might have been failing at this whole parenting thing if the Imp wasn’t sleeping and eating in a predictable pattern. Totally ridiculous, some babies are predictable, some are not. And to be honest, I’m not such a fan of routine anyway. We’ve now fallen into some loose routine, but more out of observing the daily patterns and then sticking with that as it seems to work, than trying to force something that wasn’t there.


2 Responses to Things people say

  1. Momma Knows says:

    And of course, every other mother of a child two days older than yours, knows more than you. Right? Riiiight…. Except they aren’t parenting YOUR baby, you are. I love my kids, I love support and input, but I do not love know-it-alls who think because my baby isn’t on the same schedule as HER baby, that I’m doing something wrong. I’m past the baby stage again, finally, and yet even with preschoolers and early elementary kids you’ll still get the same trash from the same people. And as far as breasfeeding goes, it takes a good few months for mom & baby to get to know each other enough to establish a good strong nursing routine. You’re just starting to hit your stride at six months! Keep on nursing!! 🙂

  2. amberjee says:

    Thanks Momma Knows, we’re only just getting started! 😉

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