One step forwards, one step back

After our interesting blip when Loudboy decided to wake only once or twice at night, we’re back to the 2-hour pattern once more. I’m struggling to find positive things about this, but here goes…

1. He goes to sleep pretty quickly after a feed, now I’ve stopped the putting-him-down-awake malarkey for a bit.

2. He’s napping pretty well, both in the cot and in the buggy.

3. He has about 4 new teeth coming through, has learnt to stand and open doors (eek!). He also has a bit of a cold, which doesn’t help.

So we go along for the time being and wait for improvements. No tricks, no changes of routine, no failsafe ‘solutions’ because they just seem to make things worse. Just a few weeks of ‘wait and see’.


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