Naps and Night Sleeping again……..

So, I’ve always been a little sceptical about the idea that sleep begets sleep and so conversely, rubbish naps = rubbish night time sleep, but yesterday, I became convinced.

For some unearthly reason, Buddha Bubba was reluctant to nap, existing on 30 mins for the WHOLE day!!! She wasn’t particularly mardy, but I could tell that she was tired and tried several times, using various methods to get her to sleep, all to no avail.

When she did eventually go down, at 2.30pm, she slept for a paltry 30 minutes,……what on earth?!

I wasn’t holding out much hope for last night, due to the nap situation throughout the day………..and, as I suspected, my worst fears were confirmed. A dreadful night with many, many wakings. Oh dear!   :- (

Here’s hoping for a brighter outlook today and then hopefully tonight. She’s already 50 minutes into her first nap of the day, so, fingers  crossed, there is hope!!!!!


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