I thought the story was that they sleep better for other people?!

I have been told many times by friends, family and even strangers in the park that your baby will usually put you to shame by sleeping better for the babysitter, their grandparents, your husband, basically everyone else but you!

This theory has been proven correct once when I was away for the night and monkey boy only woke once for his dad. I of course thought to myself his dad probably just had selective hearing that night and he had woken several times only to be ‘ignored’ and so went back to sleep. We’ll never know.

I did however secretly hope now that monkey is staying over at his grandparents house that they might magically ‘fix’ his waking at night. My thinking behind this was as follows:-

A) He might figure ‘oh well mum’s not here so there’s no point in waking’ (long shot I know!) 

B) He might have been given so much grade A attention that he’d be incredibly tired and sleep through the night thus forming the habit.

C) My mum and dad simply might not hear him and in their own way be ‘tough’ and he’d get the message waking up is no good. ( don’t get me wrong I was not hoping for this but thought it could happen. Infact it was one of my worries about him staying.)

You can guess what’s coming. Not only did my lovely boy not sleep well for his grandparents on friday night but he was possibly the worst he’s ever been!!                       He didn’t go to sleep until 11pm (4 hours past his usual bed time), he woke several times through the night and he decided 5.30am! was as good a time as any to get up.

Upon collection my poor parents looked like they aged 10 years over night but being as gracious and generous as always said he’d been a pleasure but he may be a little tired.

A little tired! the boy came home and slept for 3.5 hours yesterday afternoon. Guess it’s good practice for the teenage years if nothing else!


One Response to I thought the story was that they sleep better for other people?!

  1. amberjee says:

    Goodness, at least the grandparents might be a little sympathetic after that dramatic night (albeit a little less keen to babysit overnight!)

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