Missing you …

Why do I sometimes get this strange feeling after I put the Imp to bed that I’d like to get him up again and have a bit more time together? Or that I’d like to pick him up in his sleep and give him a good cuddle and stare at him for a while. I love him so much when he’s awake, but I think I love him even that little bit more when he’s asleep. 😉 I almost miss his company! It’s ironic that I’m always trying to get him to sleep more, but during the day when he naps, I almost can’t wait for him to get up again. Yes, I should slap myself and go and do something useful while he’s asleep I know.


2 Responses to Missing you …

  1. tibsy says:

    I’m not surprised, I’ve seen the youtube vid, he’s SO scrumptious!!

  2. swizzler says:

    You can have mine for a bit if you like

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