When Lack Of Sleep Starts To Get You Down

For the most part, I am an optimistic person (annoyingly so, some might say), but I’m no superwoman, and yes, even I have my days when I ask ‘When are you going to sleep?’

It suddenly struck me at another ‘silly-o-clock’ waking that in order not to mar the whole day, I needed to do something, and fast!

So what do I do when the the Buddha Bubs has kept me awake and/or woken me at some ungodly hour and I’m feeling a little bit defeated? Read on……

1. Support –  Can’t emphasise this one enough. Many’s the time I have woken feeling absolutely rubbish and sometimes even a little defeated, only to log on to to Sleep Is For The Weak and be soothed by kind words from my fellow sleepless mummys. A quick telephone call to a friend to have a good moan or run through your next plan of action works wonders too

2. Give the housework a miss. I’m sorry, but to me, the need for a pine scented toilet or immaculate kitchen definitely takes a back burner. It won’t hurt for a day…….or two!

3. Go for a walk to clear the cobwebs. It’s amazing what an hour outside can do for you

4. Send an SOS! If you have someone who can come and sit with the little one for an hour or even better, take them for a walk whilst you have a rest, great! If not, when little one has a nap, join them….I do, even now that Buddha bubs is nearly 11 months old. Sometimes, you just gotta recharge those batteries

5. Treat yourself – whatever your ‘pleasure’ is, a bar of chocolate, glass of wine (although not at 9am in the morning obviously!), massage, hour of television…..use your imagination and do it, you deserve it

6. Lots of cuddles – good for both you and your bubba. It’s well known that touch, i.e cuddles, stroking and massage encourages the body to release endorphins, which are the bodys’ ‘feel good’ hormones. So go on, put away your feather duster, sit down and cuddle that bubba!

I am sure that my fellow Sleep Is For The Weakers will have lots more suggestions and that you can think of many of your own. In the meantime, please remember Tamdins mantra……… ‘It’s just a phase’…….  


One Response to When Lack Of Sleep Starts To Get You Down

  1. gingerninja says:

    Brilliant post. Couldn’t agree more

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