Silly things I’ve done to try to get bubba to sleep longer …

This is probably part 1 of the silly things I’ve done, I’m sure I’ll remember more as time goes on. Please feel free to make me feel less stupid by adding your own stupid things in comments

 1. Trying to breastfeed the Imp 60 mLs more at night

Why 60mLs, you ask … and how on earth could I feed him 60mLs more when I’ve only ever breastfed him and he’s always refused the bottle? Good questions, indeed. This theory was stupidly based on hearing a friend of mine who bottle fed say that by increasing her baby’s nighttime feed by 60mLs she would sleep the whole night. So there I am using the breast compression method to encourage the little Imp to take 60 more mLs. Ahem.

2. Buying and then playing a CD with all kinds of weird repetitive whirring noises

On the basis that babies would sleep to white noise type sound. Mine didn’t.

3. Taking my stereo into the Imp’s room and tuning into some radio static

Similar theory to number 2. Again, no result.

4. The ticking clock

Mean to simulate the rhythm of the heartbeat. Right, okay, I’m getting the message. Repetitive sounds really don’t work for the Imp.

4. Feed him up during the day so he won’t need as much at night

My baby has only ever fed on his own terms. No amount of encouragement or even forcing can make him eat more often than he decides.

5. Drink lots of chamomile tea

In the hope that the relaxing effects will travel through breastmilk…

6. Ask the health visitor for advice

Need I say more?

As an aside, I came across this the other day. I suspect I could add it to my list above, but I’m past my days of spending loads of money in the hope that some special new gadget will allow us more sleep. But let me know if anyone out there has actually tried it.


One Response to Silly things I’ve done to try to get bubba to sleep longer …

  1. Holy cats. That Lullabub apparatus looks serious! 🙂
    We use a little fan next to our babe’s crib. I can’t say it has magical properties, but it does drown out random noises that might disturb him. Don’t know if you’ve tried that!
    Thanks for putting me on your blogroll. I’m honored!

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