We’re having a cranky day

Today is an exercise in patience and love. The Imp is having a hard day. As a result so am I. I pulled an excuse randomly out of my bag of excuses … and today we blame it on teething. No really, his cheeks are all red, the poor little man. Or maybe it’s just because we both had a 5.30am start.

We’ve had a little breakthrough though …

I tend to think that the Imp has never really put feeding at the top of his priorities. At birth, he didn’t want to latch on, he often feeds in under 10 minutes (and regularly under 5) pulling off rapidly when he’s decided it’s enough, he doesn’t want to eat if we’re out of the house, and will mostly only eat before naps, before bedtime and at night, basically when he’s pretty relaxed and sleepy.

Yesterday when we were out I got him to feed by our usual mad looking method of wildly dancing and bouncing around while offering the breast, he did decide to eat and the darling ate and periodically stopped to smile and laugh at me and then go back to feeding. Ah, bliss. I hope he can start to realise that he can feed and interact at the same time and realise that feeding is not the most mundane thing in the world afterall.


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