Are our expectations simply too high?

Having read ‘Trapped’ by Kate Philpot in Sunday’s ‘Style’ magazine, it occurred to me last night that maybe there is nothing wrong with how things are, but that my expectations of how they should be are unrealistic.

In today’s society women are constantly fed the idea by the media that we can infact have it all. But can we? The truth is I don’t believe we can.  As kate Philpot’s article demonstrates, juggling a high powered full time career, children, a husband, working out, looking good and a social life takes it’s toll and unfortuately the people who usually suffer are the children. As Kate writes……

“The more I did, the more people seemed to think I was capable of. Lacking the courage to admit that I wasn’t coping, I began to feel a failure in every area of my life. At work, too tired to speak in meetings, I would just smile and nod, hoping nobody would notice. Ironically, given the chance to talk uninterrupted, clients sang my praises and recommended me to others.

At home, I was so tired and stressed that it was rubbing off on the children. I have never felt lower than the day my son drew sad, angry faces on the back of a cereal packet and said it was a picture of mummy”

She closes by saying ” I didn’t settle for less; I settled for happiness.”

It got me thinking. Maybe I can’t have it all.  Don’t worry this is not another WOHM/SAHM debate but more an account of the moment I decided to love what I have.

In every other way my gorgeous boy is a dream. He hardly ever cries, he’s sociable, funny, bright, full of life and I love him more than anything. If not being the best sleeper in the world is his ‘imperfection’ then i’ll take it and be thankful.


One Response to Are our expectations simply too high?

  1. tibsy says:

    great post tam ; ) I wholeheartedly agree with your last sentiment especially

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