What’s not in the bag

Have a rummage through that bag of excuses Amberjee talks about and get rid of a few ‘reasons’ your baby is not sleeping:

 1. ‘I must be doing something wrong!’  In our more rational moments we know that we are doing everything we can possibly think of to help our babies to sleep, feed and be happy and contented.  None of us are thinking, ‘hey, I just can’t be bothered with all that, let the baby stay awake all night watching TV’.  But at 3am when the little darling has woken up AGAIN you start to worry.  Is there something blindingly obvious that you’ve missed?  No.  Just because your baby isn’t sleeping, or is waking up, or feeding, does not mean you are a Bad Mother.

 2. ‘My baby is trying to be difficult!’  Again, in those early hours of the morning it is easy to suspect your baby is playing a malicious joke on you by waiting until you’ve just gone into a deep sleep before letting out that klaxon yell.  Frustrating as it is, they are just being a baby and letting you know that they need you.  How you respond it your choice: I usually act quickly in the hope that they’ll go back to sleep as soon as possible (well, it can work…)


One Response to What’s not in the bag

  1. Mellin says:

    Hi – great blog!
    I am the mother of a sleep averse 8 month old and am constantly intrigued by the notion that babies should be trained to sleep through the night from an early age. Everyone recognises that babies develop at different paces – they crawl, walk and talk at different ages and this is completely normal and acceptable. So why is the concept that babies learn the magical art of sleeping through the night at different ages so difficult to grasp??

    So I’m glad to see a blog like yours. Recognising that you aren’t alone if you have an unenthusiastic sleeper, it isn’t always as easy to “fix” and that there are other options to try if you aren’t comfortable with leaving your baby to cry.

    This time next year we will all have perfect sleeping babies and we will find something else to stress about!

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