To night wean or not?

Well, in the space of a week and a half, buddha bubba has gone from needing 1 feed during the night, to the rare ‘no feed nights’! to 2 and sometimes 3…….. what is going on and  is there anything I could/should be doing about it?

I’ve always been a bit slack when it comes to attempting routines for feeding and sleeping. I too, as Ginger, in the early days browsed through the books that regale us all with the importance of imposing routines. I too rejected the ideas. Surely my baby knows when she is hungry, when she wants to sleep?

And so, buddha bubs has been babyled breastfed and has taken her naps as and when she’s hinted at them. Sure, it hasn’t always worked, and I found myself missing ‘cues’ in the early days, leading to a screaming baby and tearful mama. But it’s really taught me to listen to the needs of my bubba and trust in my intuition. I have days when this all goes out the window and I can’t seem to do right for doing wrong, but if all else fails, one thing is guaranteed to  calm the buddha and that is…….the boob!

And so, this leads me to the dilemma of the moment. When to start weaning from the breast? At the moment, she has very graciously started to take a bottle before bedtime and invariably falls asleep whilst feeding. She generally has 1 breastfeed through the night, but, as I mentioned, recently she has increased this. So, do I attempt to hold her out for longer? Do I refuse to feed her through the night? Or, should I remain perfectly happy to go along with it, as, for me, it is the easy option. I simply bring her into bed with us and feed her whilst I lie in the comfort of my own bed. Perfect………….. I think I’ve just answered my own question! Why give up doing something that works so well for both myself and the bubs? Surely she’ll wean herself when she’s good and ready?


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